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Triangle 146

    Experience the bustling, high-spirited and vibrant turn-of-the-century world of five immigrant girls, Jewish, Irish, Italian and one American born, working together as seamstresses in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, their monumental hopes, irrepressible humor and fateful passions wrapped inside incredible hardships as they try to improve factory working conditions for all, and instead tumble headlong toward the tragic fire on March 25, 1911, that turned the New York City Health and Safety laws, and history, on its head.  Triangle 146 is not your usual tragedy piece. It is a powerful warning about man’s indifference to man, but it also respectfully uses humor to help open hearts to the message. Ultimately, it is manifestly uplifting, showing the human spirit’s ability.

    Book and lyrics Diane Uniman. Composer Kevin M. Cotter.

    WINNER! Best Alternative Script

    New Hope Film Festival


    Awards & Festivals

    • New Hope Film Festival
      (WINNER! Best Alternative Script)
    • Pocono Mountain Film Festival
      (WINNER! Best Script)
    • Toronto Independent Film Awards
      (Official Selection – Best Feature Screenplay)
    • Beverly Hills International Film Festival
      (Official Selection – Best Screenplay)
    • Garden State Film Festival
      (Finalist – Best Screenplay)
    • Jersey City Pop-Up Film Festival
      (Finalist – Best Screenplay)
    • California’s Women’s Film Festival
      (Finalist – Best Feature Script)


    Production History

    Players Theatre

    Short Play and Musical Festival – (Short Version) Directed by John Znidarsic. Musical Direction Ben Weiss and Christopher Sweatt.

    Rave Theater Festival

    Finalist for inclusion in Tony Award-winning producer Ken Davenport’s
    Rave Theater Festival (Festival cancelled due to Covid-19)


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