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I’m Diane Uniman and I’m thrilled that you’ve stepped inside the creative world of HarMaxi Productions, LLC, named after my two fabulous sons, Harry and Max.  HarMaxi hit the ground running and has never stopped!  

The screenplays, musicals, plays, and books you’ll read about here have been captivating scores of film festival judges and reviewers on an international scale.  Awards are flowing in from such prestigious film festivals as Beverly Hills International Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Awards, Boston International Film Festival, and our homegrown Garden State International Film Festival. There’s been exciting invitations to perform at iconic venues such as New York’s Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, The Player’s Theater, and the Fringe NYC Festival. My first book has won numerous medals and awards, including winner of an IAN Book of the Year Award.

“The writer holds the success as a screenwriter just as the best of the best  in the industry.”

Pocono Mountain Film Festival Judge

These screenplays and musicals have been lauded for featuring a unique and fresh voice, integrating a trademark writing style that achieves something deeply moving and soulful even where moments before are unabashedly funny. The musical scores have been recognized as beautifully moving and memorable as well as catchy.

My vision for HarMaxi is twofold:

  1. The production of projects with artistic inventiveness and irrepressible energy, and
  2. The creation of a continuous body of work that promotes a vision for a better world, uplifts the spirit and inspires greatness.  

I hope you are inspired too!

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