We at Harmaxi Productions have hit the ground running! Harmaxi is newly formed, yet Diane Uniman (writer and lyricist) and her writing partner Kevin M. Cotter (music) have already captivated scores of film festival judges and critics on an international scale for our screenplays, musicals, and dramas, including prestigious venues such as The Beverly Hills International Film Festival, The Boston International Film Festival, the Moondance international Film Festival (voted the “third most important film festival in the world” after Cannes and Sundance in an online poll of 150,000 international film industry professionals), and home grown recognition… winning best Musical Score in a feature at The Garden State International Film Festival! Our projects have been winning because of our unique and fresh voice, integrating our trademark style of humor punctuated with pathos and the power of glorious music. We achieve something deeply moving and soulful, even where we are unabashedly funny.

Our vision for Harmaxi is threefold: the production of projects with artistic inventiveness and irrepressible energy that promote a vision for a better world; the emergence of the Cotter-Uniman team as one of the preeminent composer-lyricist partnerships of our time; and the creation of a continuous body of work that transforms us as it transforms you.

What’s Bubbling?

Jail Bait

Screenplay written with screenwriter Marla Cukor.


Diane is working on a series of episodic comedy shorts with Award winning Cinematographer Birgit M. Rudel. have it.

Triangle 146

A new musical – script and lyrics by Diane Uniman – Music by Kevin M. Cotter.

The Man in the Green Dress, The Girl in the Pink Shoes

A new musical/opera- script and lyrics by Diane Uniman – Music by Kevin M. Cotter.

Princess Diane Von BrainisFried

Diane also writes a blog under Princess Diane Von Brainisfried, “a tongue in chic life, style, beauty and inspiration blog from a funny princess point of view… because every girl’s got a tiara in her closet.”

New Book

Diane is working on a book and seminars about laughter. 

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